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ROF to Spray conversion

ROF vs. Spray:
Simple numeric conversion, tentatively:
1 0
2 1
3 2
5 3
10 5
20 5/6? (GA 9442 Browbeater, this is a troublemaker with that insane ROF of 20)

SLA uses a system that makes a to hit roll, then applies their applicable gun skill to determine if it hits, then applies the character's Auto/Support skill to determine how many bullets hit.

In the ORE system multiple actions, say shooting twice in one action, still uses the basic One-Roll. Roll your die pool minus one per action performed, and each match equals one of the declared actions succeeding.

Spray dice change this formula a bit to reflect fully automatic weapons. Just roll the applicable die pool plus the Spray dice of the gun, any matches equals a hit.

Currently I am planning on changing the base die pool of a full auto attack to Coordination+GunSkill or Body+Auto/Support, which ever is lower. This helps bring the Auto/Support skill over from SLA and makes a slight difference between a guy who is good at shooting one bullet, and a guy who is good at fully automatic fire.

Unfortunately this is not quite right for how semi-automatic fire, aka the guns with ROF 2 in SLA and Spray 1 in SLA-Like. So some solution (aka extra complications) needs to come about to address this. At the moment I am thinking applying the standard multi-action rules, including the -1 die per action, then add the Spray of 1, and only allow for two hits.
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