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Not much additional time has been put into the project, real life started getting in the way.
Anyway, time for an update of sorts.

Found NEMESIS recently and have decided that it will make a great base for the conversion even though Wild Talents will be out soon. NEMESIS is a horror genre One Roll Engine game released free by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, notable in context for Godlike and Wild Talenets. NEMESIS sticks to pretty much just the core ORE system with necessary changes to fit better into a more Delta Green / Call of Cthulhu style setting, where the PCs are not superheroes. Major changes include trimming out the Talent powers of Godlike and Wild Talents and therefore also Will, replacing Hard Dice with Expert Dice (see bellow), and the addition of a Madness Meter adapted from Unknown Armies.

Expert dice replace Hard dice. Expert Dice may be used as normal dice or the player can to select their value before the roll, but no two Expert Dice can be selected to have the same value. Expert Dice are also used as buffer against die penalties, were each Expert Die counteracts one die penalty, but then must be rolled as a normal die.

No real changes necessary for switching over to using NEMESIS as the base for SLA ORE, but some thought about having Ops start off with at least some Hardened notches in Violence, Self and Helplessness, but not The Unnatural. The Unnatural section will predominantly be ignored.
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