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SLA Industries, with the One-Roll Engine system's Journal
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in SLA Industries, with the One-Roll Engine system's LiveJournal:

Thursday, August 17th, 2006
8:19 pm
Not much additional time has been put into the project, real life started getting in the way.
Anyway, time for an update of sorts.

Found NEMESIS recently and have decided that it will make a great base for the conversion even though Wild Talents will be out soon. NEMESIS is a horror genre One Roll Engine game released free by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, notable in context for Godlike and Wild Talenets. NEMESIS sticks to pretty much just the core ORE system with necessary changes to fit better into a more Delta Green / Call of Cthulhu style setting, where the PCs are not superheroes. Major changes include trimming out the Talent powers of Godlike and Wild Talents and therefore also Will, replacing Hard Dice with Expert Dice (see bellow), and the addition of a Madness Meter adapted from Unknown Armies.

Expert dice replace Hard dice. Expert Dice may be used as normal dice or the player can to select their value before the roll, but no two Expert Dice can be selected to have the same value. Expert Dice are also used as buffer against die penalties, were each Expert Die counteracts one die penalty, but then must be rolled as a normal die.

No real changes necessary for switching over to using NEMESIS as the base for SLA ORE, but some thought about having Ops start off with at least some Hardened notches in Violence, Self and Helplessness, but not The Unnatural. The Unnatural section will predominantly be ignored.

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Friday, April 29th, 2005
10:37 am
Which ORE Stat should be used to reflect which SLA stat

The following table is a preliminary option for how to determine what the ORE stats should be based off of.
ORE Stat SLA Stat Alternate
Coordination DEX
Sense DIAG
Command CHAR

Two possible issues are PHYS and KNOW, both of which are dependant stats, for Strength and Dexterity and Diagnostics and Concentration. There is a possible side effect of this that might cause, by using them to determine SLA-Like stats, unintended consequences.

In ORE Body represents raw physical strength, endurance and general health. The obvious choice from SLA would be PHYS, but this causes a slight issue in that SLA's PHYS stat is dependant on STR and DEX. Why this is an issue is that some races have the same maximum PHYS, Shaktar and Wraith Raiders at 13, but very different maximum STR and DEX (13 and 13 for Shaktar and 10 and 15 for Wraith). Here-in lies the trouble, a maxed out Wraith would have a Body of 13 and a Coord of 15, while the Shaktar would be at 13 and 13. It should also be noted that this would grant the Wraith a better physical strength than a human, where it should be equal, or a Frother or Brain Waster, where it should be less.

With all that said, it looks like STR rather than PHYS should be used to determine SLA-Like's Body stat.

So how about SLA's other dependant stat KNOW which represents a characters basic intelligence? Though an issue with this is similar to that with PHYS, and the Wraith Raider gets us into trouble again. In SLA the max Wraith DIAG CONC and KNOW are 12, 9 and 11, compared to Brain Wasters (10, 11, and 11) and Ebons (10, 13, and 12), the SLA-Like Brains stat would have the same max for all three of these races, 6.

Solution, use CONC rather than KNOW as the basis for the conversion to the SLA-Like system.

Next I will go over the SLA Skills, and consider how to devide both the PHYS and KNOW skills out into appropriate SLA-Like stats, and consider re-evaluating the SLA DIAG and CONC skills to see if they really should become Sense or Brains rather than something else.

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
12:14 pm
Stats and Skill, numeric conversion

SLA has a scale of 1-10 for Skills and Stats for the Human range. The Stats for an average human are 5.

ORE has a scale of 1-5, for Skills and Stats. The Stats for an average human are 2.

A simple formula of dividing the SLA Stat by 2 and rounding down looks to be the answer. (5/2 = 2.5 rounded down to 2) This gives the baseline in both SLA and ORE to be equal, as well as the max and min.

I have an adverse reaction to the ORE baseline human stat due to the probability of success on an unskilled role. A die pool of 2d10 has a 10% chance of success without a difficulty. Apply the ORE unskilled difficulty of 4 to this and it drops to 7%.

Due to this, and my experience running Godlike with the baseline of 2, I am more comfortable with ORE using a baseline of 3 for stats. This allows for a 20% chance of success on an unskilled check, and a 50% on a skilled check (3 in stat, 1 in skill).

So, what formula to hit the baseline of 3 for the average person? Rounding up rather than down is one option, but there is also rounding down then adding one. Anyway, a table to show a few option. At the moment I am partial to the simple rounding up option.

Base Ceiling Floor Ceiling Floor
  SLA/2 -1 SLA/2 SLA/2 SLA/2 +1
1 0 0 1 1
2 0 1 1 2
3 1 1 2 2
4 1 2 2 3
5 2 2 3 3
6 2 3 3 4
7 3 3 4 4
8 3 4 4 5
9 4 4 5 5
10 4 5 5 6
11 5 5 6 6
12 5 6 6 7
13 6 6 7 7
14 6 7 7 8
15 7 7 8 8
16 7 8 8 9
17 8 8 9 9
18 8 9 9 10
19 9 9 10 10
20 9 10 10 11
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
12:17 pm
Armour, converting SLA's PV into the ORE Heavy and Light Armor.
When I started this conversion of how Armor would work in SLA-Like I looked at how both SLA and Godlike deal with Armor, and found them both lacking in a simple manner. In both systems a hit will always due a minimum damage to an armored character. Even the bullet, a CAF Pistol round, will cause one point of damage to the heaviest armored person, Shock armor. Godlike suffered from a similar quirk with its Light Armor Rating, LAR, in that all Shock damage is reduced to one, and a number of Killing is converted into Shock equal to the LAR rating of the armor, that is a minimum of two points of damage. Looking at Godlike's Heavy Armor, HAR, which reduces the Width of the attack by its HAR. I decided that this does not reflect the armor penetrating abilities of a gun, but rather reduces the skill of the attacker, so threw it out.
The solution that I came up with, after working out many variations, was to have LAR flat out remove one point of Killing per point of LAR, then if there is any LAR left over after reducing the Killing to zero, that each remaining point of LAR removes two points of Shock. This one I really liked, and after flipping through the Wildtalents documentation to see how the newer version of the ORE sytem works, I found it worked the same way as what I came up with myself, but called it HAR. LAR in the ORE system reduces the number of Shock of an attack at a one for one ratio, but has no effect on Killing. Also I found that in the base ORE system armor often has HAR and LAR stacked.

So, here is how HAR and LAR will be working in SLA-Like.
Each point of HAR reduces the Killing damage of an attack by one point, each point of HAR over the Killing of an attack reduces the Shock of that attack by two per point of HAR left over.
Each point of LAR reduces the Shock of an attack by one, and has no effect on Killing damage.

Penetration works mostly the same as the ORE system, each point of Penetration counter acts a point of HAR, and if there is any PEN left over after all the HAR is removed, any remaining LAR is reduced to zero.

The next tricky point is how to introduce SLA's Armor Damage, AD, of weapons in how much damage they do to the armor itself, and Impact Damage, ID, now much damage the armor can take. I am uncertain how much, if any of this I will be keeping. The ID ratings for these are just straight import out of the SLA Main Rule Book.
0 7-9 3-6 1-2
Armour HAR LAR Head Torso Arms Legs
Striker 0 1 - 5 5 5
Flak Vest 2 1 - 8 - -
Blocker 3 1 8 14 10 12
Deathsuit 3 2 10 12 15 14
Exo-Base 4 2 10 15 20 17
Exo-Heavy 5 2 15 25 35 28
Exo-Stormer 5 2 20 40 30 35
HARD 6 2 20 50 40 45
Powercell 7 3 20 70 50 60
Crackshot 8 4 20 80 60 70
Dogeybone 9 4 60 150 80 120
Shock 10 5 80 200 120 180
10:43 am
Damage Stats by Ammo/Weapon
Pistol Ammo Type KIL SHK PEN AD       Melee Weapons Type KIL SHK PEN AD
CAF P +0 -- 0 1   Shaktar M 1 +0 0 0
8mm P +0 +0 0 1   Stormer M 1 +0 1 0
10mm P +1 +0 0 2   Club M -- +2 0 0
11mm P +1 +1 0 2   Sledge M +0 +2 0 1
12.7mm P +2 +1 1 3   Knife M +0 -- 0 0
17mm P +3 +3 1 4   MAC Knife M +0 -- 1 1
            Sword M +1 -- 0 1
Rifle Ammo Type KIL SHK PEN AD   Chain Axe M +2 +2 0 3
CAF R +0 -- 0 1   Pacifier Baton M 1 +3 0 5
5.56mm R +2 +2 2 2   Power Claymor M +2 +2 1 3
7.62mm R +3 +2 2 2   Vibro Saber M +1 +0 1 2
12.7mm R +4 +4 3 3   GASH Fist M +1 +0 1 2
17mm R +8 +8 5 4   Flick Scythe M +2 +2 1 3
10g Shot R +0 +0 0 1   Mutilator Fist M +0 +1 0 3
10g Slug R +4 +2 1 4   Power Disk M +1 +0 1 2
Ammo Types KIL SHK PEN AD              
AP +0 -2 +2 -1              
HP +0 +2 -1 +2              
HEAP +0 -1 +1 +1              
HESH +1 +2 -3 x2              
Non-Bullet Ammo Type KIL SHK PEN AD              
Gauss BB S -- +0 0 0              
Vibro Disk S +2 +0 3 2              
Chopper Pack S +2 -- -2 6              
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
5:55 pm
In SLA the optional Recoil system works by every point of recoil higher than the character's strength reducing the to hit roll by one. Simple, though flawed in degrading from the first shot, as in the gun recoils before it fires.

To takle this particular problem, recoil will only be applied to multi-action and spray fire.

Godlike and the ORE system do not have recoil as a consideration, so there is little point of comparison to work off of. How to make Recoil a penalty without completely crippling the attack. The ORE system has three basic ways of making a roll harder to make, increase the Height requirement of the roll, increase the Width requirement of the roll and remove dice from the die pool being rolled. Of these increasing the Width is not acceptable due to how much of a drop in success probability that causes for just one added width. This leaves only Hight increases and dice dropping from the ORE system.

Increasing the Height requirement by 1 per point of recoil over the character's Body is one option: For this I am using a formula of deviding the SLA Recoil by 2, rounding up, and adding 1 to reflect the lower stat range in ORE than SLA.

Example Human Deathsquad SLA Op with a FEN AR for the examples bellow. Body 3, Coord 3, Rifle 2, Auto/Support 1 Spray 3 Recoil 5

Coord+Rilfe=5 Body+Auto=4, the lower of these two is 4 so we will use that.
Recoil-Body=2 so the minimum needed Height for a successful match is increased by two up to 3. So Example gets to roll 4 + 3(Spray) dice against a difficulty of 3.
7 Dice rolled: 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6, 10. Two Matches, 2x2 and 3x4. The 3x4 match hits, but since the Difficulty due to recoil is 3 the 2x2 match is a miss.

Simple, straight forward and it works.
But... this makes it that Recoil will tend to decrease the overall number of hits, but increase average lethality of hits. Since the Height difficulty is increased, less and less shots hit legs, then arms, but hit more body and head. I am ambivalent about this, it has some realism in that recoil from full auto does raise the barrel, but I am still not sure.

Decrease the number of dice per point of Recoil over Body. Same example as above:
Base Die pool 4 + 3 Spray - 2 Recoil = 5. Wait... that is no better than the Example character shooting one bullet.

Decrease the Height of a success by Body -Recoil, let's use the same roll as option 1: 2x2 and 3x4, -2 Height = 2x0 and 3x4

Both Option 2 & 3 might be too severe of a penalty to apply. Possible solution is to change the SLA to SLA-Like Recoil conversion. With a simple dropping of the plus 1 in the formula, Option 2 would get to Roll 6 Dice, and Option 3 would score two hits 2x1 and 3x3.


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5:51 pm
ROF to Spray conversion
ROF vs. Spray:
Simple numeric conversion, tentatively:
1 0
2 1
3 2
5 3
10 5
20 5/6? (GA 9442 Browbeater, this is a troublemaker with that insane ROF of 20)

SLA uses a system that makes a to hit roll, then applies their applicable gun skill to determine if it hits, then applies the character's Auto/Support skill to determine how many bullets hit.

In the ORE system multiple actions, say shooting twice in one action, still uses the basic One-Roll. Roll your die pool minus one per action performed, and each match equals one of the declared actions succeeding.

Spray dice change this formula a bit to reflect fully automatic weapons. Just roll the applicable die pool plus the Spray dice of the gun, any matches equals a hit.

Currently I am planning on changing the base die pool of a full auto attack to Coordination+GunSkill or Body+Auto/Support, which ever is lower. This helps bring the Auto/Support skill over from SLA and makes a slight difference between a guy who is good at shooting one bullet, and a guy who is good at fully automatic fire.

Unfortunately this is not quite right for how semi-automatic fire, aka the guns with ROF 2 in SLA and Spray 1 in SLA-Like. So some solution (aka extra complications) needs to come about to address this. At the moment I am thinking applying the standard multi-action rules, including the -1 die per action, then add the Spray of 1, and only allow for two hits.

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1:39 pm
What has been completed, sort of, thus far.
Tentatively completed:
* Redifined SLA ammo calibers to more "realistic" ones.
* Damage by caliber for the SLA ammo calibers.
* Damage modification by ammo type: AP, HP, HEAP, HESH.
* Damage of Melee weapons, powered and un-.
* Armor, Conversion from SLA PV into ORE HAR and LAR.

Partially completed:
* SLA ROF to ORE Spray conversion
* Recoil
* Stats and Skills

Untouched list:
* Training Packages
* Races
* Advantages / Disadvantages
* Karma Products
* Drugs
* Ebb Powers
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